About Me

I am a UK based Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing specialist, having been intermittently a consultant and a full-time staffer I have gained experience implementing solutions in Telecoms, Broadcast Television, Print Media and Investment Banking as well as a few short stints in other industries.  My weapons of choice tend to be Microsoft SQL Server and Business Objects but over the last few years I have also sourced data from Oracle, MySQL, Sybase and PostgreSQL and presented data via Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), formerly Siebel Analytics.  Most of my projects have been BI related and run from requirements gathering and design up to building and deploying solutions, I have also been involved in a number of data quality, software design, vendor selection and billing system migrations.

When it comes to delivering projects I have a hands-on approach, I firmly believe that you can’t deliver a BI solution by sitting in an isolated office or by working remotely.  The nature of BI is that you have to understand the business and how it works, you need to know first-hand what problems you are trying solve and what makes the users tick.  That’s not to say that I don’t see the value of external help though, through both having been a consultant and having hired consultants I have seen how valuable an outside perspective can be but BI is not the same as ‘nuts and bolts’ IT like security, networking and web design – the structure and nature of the business is much more important than the technology.   That’s also why there are a number of high-quality ‘Enterprise Class’ BI software suites on the market and whether you deliver a project using the Microsoft, Oracle, Business Objects or Cognos packages you’ll have to understand the business before you can help change it for the better.

Outside of work I’m also a bit of a geek, following technology & security news, playing video games and buying too many apps for my iPhone.  Beyond the world of technology I like my photography and I love good movies & TV, I am currently working my way through the box-set of The Shield (almost as good as The Wire: 5/5).  I’ll leave you with my favourite quote, I first came across it at university though it has a remarkable relevance to the world of Business Intelligence…

“When regard for truth has been broken down or even slightly weakened, all things remain doubtful.” - St. Augustine.