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Over The Air 2011 Mobile Web Notes & Wrap-up


I recently attended the Over The Air mobile conference at Bletchley Park (please donate), the event was free to attend and very well organised with plenty of free food and drink as a bonus.  My focus for the conference was the mobile web and I’ve compiled links to topics mentioned in presentations I attended in that area, they’re well worth a look so I thought I’d share them here…

Responsive Web Design

Various Links

Useful Sites/Tools

Some W3C links…


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Color Scheme Designer: Excellent HTML Colour Picker

Every now and again I end up doing some web work, sometimes it’s part of a BI implementation where I’m trying to follow corporate branding guidelines but in most cases I just have a particular problem to solve and I want to put together a simple but aesthetically passable design.

So, when I need to delve into the world of HTML and colour schemes I always return to one site: colorschemedesigner.com - the site allows you to generate a single colour scheme or several complimentary schemes, adjust for colour blindness and has exports for HTML+CSS, XML, Text, Photoshop (ACO) and GIMP (GPL).

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